Crazy Easy Fat Loss
Crazy Easy Fat Loss
Crazy Easy Fat Loss
Crazy Easy Fat Loss

Fat Loss Tips

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Quick fat Loss can happen for you, if you follow time tested common sense advice, as well as a few simple, close guarded industry secrets. Click the Big Red Arrow to the left Kick off to a whole new you-and grab your FREE copy of our 7 day Fast Fat Loss Diet ebook- it takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to lose fat fast!

 You will find some crazy easy fat loss tips on this site. Look around gather as much information as you need. And enjoy great results faster than you ever thought possible.


The tabs above will direct you to a wealth of info on EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve Quick Fat Loss.


Below are some Fat Loss Tips that will help you look great in no time.


 For Example See quick fat loss diet #3, it tells how Tim Ferriss author of 4 hour body takes ice baths to lose weight. Yes, he sits in cold water to lose weight. We outline exactly how he does this just click the tab above under Quick Fat Loss Diets and see Diet # 3.

  Tim told Dr. Oz all about his new diet, and crazy ice bath tips on the show recently. Nuts, I know but he swears it works AND he has the science to back it up. Take  and see rapid fat loss.

  Wow. Brown fat-ice bath –weird stuff. Who knew sitting in cold water 3x a week for 10 min would do anything for weight loss? Not us. Below are a few more, less extreme tips to help burn fat fast.


Easy Fat Loss Tips

10 easy ways to help reach your weight loss goals.


1. Keep a food journal. Yes it will be the most boring journal in the world. And, you may have heard about this before but it helps. Write down everything you eat-daily.


2.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day-cut back/stop- soda, all calorie laden drinks, beer, wine, and of course liquor.


3. Weigh yourself daily-know where you’re at.


4. Keep a log of when you worked out, for how long, and what you did.


5. Schedule your workouts-make time to work out.


6. Sleep 6 to 8 hours a night.


7.Eat an egg for Breakfast-no time- hard boil a few and just grab them out of the frig before you leave for work in the morning.


8. If you can eat between 9am and 6 pm-only this helps to burn stored fat.


9. Every 3 weeks Vary you exercise program. Do different cardio, different reps for weight training, exercise at different times of the day or different days, just vary what you can.  This helps to keep your body from adapting to your weight loss/ exercise program. So, you can continue to burn fat and lose weight as fast as possible.


10. Try to preplan meals- make them ahead of time so all you need to do is heat them up. This helps you to stick to your diet and not make a bad food choice. Meal prep is key to staying on track. Remember on most diets outlined you get one free day a week to eat the treats you want. For the other 6- do what needs to be done, don’t cheat. It will only take you longer to get the body you want.


Click the tabs above to get all the info you need to lose weight and burn fat, quickly.


                              You will get your body back.

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Crazy Easy Fat Loss

The Site that cuts through all the B.S. out there and shows YOU what works, and what doesn't when it comes to getting rid of fat.You tried it the hard way now try it the  the easy way. Some tips may seem a bit strange, even Crazy  but they get  results! You will lose the Fat-Fast!


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