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Crazy Easy Fat Loss
Crazy Easy Fat Loss
Crazy Easy Fat Loss

Best Excercise to Lose Weight

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The Best Exercise to lose weight is ....Running.


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Running is one of the most effective ways to burn calories as well as fat.

Considered the best option to burn calories quick. And achieve weight loss fast. Running can be done inside on a treadmill or outside. It strengthens both your legs and heart.  When running you will burn about 100 calories for every mile you run. Because all you really need is a pair of running shoes it is a very inexpensive exercise. Some people prefer to start with jogging or even power walking. All that matters is you start.





Soon you will look nice and lean faster than you thought possible.



  But any cardio/exercise that YOU’RE likely to stick with is the best exercise for You. Especially, if you just Hate to Run. Well, don’t do it. You will very likely stop because you dislike it so much. Instead do yourself a favor and chose a Cardio exercise you like or at least like better to begin with. You will be more inclined to continue working out so you will lose weight and burn fat and in the process become healthier.  Try taking  to help speed up weightloss.

 Any of the Cardio Exercises listed will help you lose fat as well as lose weight.


  Any of the following could all be called the best exercise to lose weight. And burn Fat. Fast. So pick your favorite and start to lose the Fat-Fast.










Power Walking


If you belong to a Gym try working out utilizing these as they help burn calories and fat. Fast.


Elliptical Trainer




Step Aerobics



A couple of lesser known Fat Killers are:


Rock Climbing


Jumping Rope


Roller Blading


  All group aerobics work well also. Many people love Zumba. You will lose weight and fat in a flash when taking Zumba classes. An added benefit is its fun. Nearly every city, even small towns have Zumba classes. Do a quick search and find one near you. It’s even inexpensive, what more can you ask for?

    It does not matter what exercise you decide to do to lose weight, burn fat and get fit. It only matters that you do it. Some people even prefer to workout at home to a DVD. Walmart and Target both have a great selection.


  Pick something and stick with it, in just a few short weeks you will start to see results. In a few months other people will start to notice how great you look. You will become healthier. And become more fit. You can realize your weight loss goals. Your Fat loss will be dramatic. You only have to start, and stick to it. You can do it. Nobody can do it for you. And nobody can take the great feeling you will have once you reach your fat loss/weight loss goal away. Soon you will enjoy working out this makes both weight loss and weight maintenance easy.


  Begin today and soon you will reach your weight loss goal.


  Remember to consult your doctor prior to starting any weight loss regime.




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Crazy Easy Fat Loss

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