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Balance Board

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Balance boards may not be mainstream just yet…

But they have been used for many years by not only fitness industry insiders, but also by those who have used balance boards to recover from an injury.


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Besides better athletic performance, you have a reduced chance of developing an injury by training with balance boards.

On this page you will find sample exercises you can do to enjoy all the benefits of balance boards/wobble boards.

You will also find a link to order a balance board of your own.


Some benefits of balance board training include:


Improved Balance


Better Coordination


Injury Prevention


Better ankle range of motion as well as increased leg strength


Stronger Core Stability


Overall toning of the body


Use your balance board daily for better health. Combine good quality supplements and vitamins with the use of a balance board and kickstart weightloss today.

Both dancers and yoga enthusiasts use balance boards. Rehabilitation for many injuries employ the use of balance boards as a tool to help with recovery.


  Perhaps your balance is not what it once was as balance is often taken for granted until it is compromised due to an injury, health problem, or even lack of an active lifestyle.


  By doing the simple exercises outlined on this site you too may soon see great results.


Remember before starting any exercise program consult your doctor.Please put safety first before you start. 


Put the balance board/wobble board on the lowest possible setting and remember you may need to adjust  the setting from the factory so it is in fact on the lowest-make sure especially for first time use. To start you stand over the board with your feet shoulder width apart.

Now make sure that you only use your balance board on an obstacle free surface that is not only clear and smooth but also dry.


  This safety precaution is in case you need to step off quickly. Make sure to give yourself plenty of room, so if you do step off quickly you can do it easily because you have the space.


  You must also have good posture when using your balance board again to help prevent injury. So, head up, back straight, knees bent slightly. Eyes looking straight ahead. You of course, will feel the movements you are going to be going through so don’t look down at the ground or your feet as this may cause you to lose your balance.


Some excellent balance board exercises are:




Front to Back


Balanced Push Up


Abdominal Training



 To begin the basic balance board exercise-

 Stand on the balance board one foot on each side rock slowly back and forth. Start with a slow range of motion on the balance board/wobble board until you are use to the movement.  You will want to keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight, feet are shoulder width apart.

  Try to keep either side of the balance board from touching the floor, now it is more important to have proper posture than it is to do each exercise perfectly. It is important to keep a stable upper body with your head up eyes looking forward, if you feel you need a balance aid or a spotter by all means get one. 


10-15 min a day, 5 days a week doing the basic exercise should help with both balance and toning of the body.


Front to Back is the same as basic side to side except you are rocking back and forth from front to back, nevertheless knees slightly bent back straight head up eyes forward.


Balanced Push Up- this will help improve core stability


Start on your knees

Make sure that your hands stay on the top of the balance board so they don’t get pinched. Be careful and remember your wrists are flexed for this exercise. Hands on board both an equal distance from the center do a push-up while trying to keep both sides of the board from touching the floor.


Abdominal Training-improves core strength and range of motion.

Sit up tall on the balance board back straight head up eyes forward using your hips rock the board back and forth then side to side always trying to keep either side of your balance/wobble board from touching the floor.This exercise not only improves core strength but helps improve lower back mobility.


As you will soon realize, balance/wobble boards are a wonderful tool to help with coordination and core strength development.


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