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Crazy Easy Fat Loss
Crazy Easy Fat Loss
Crazy Easy Fat Loss
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 Lose YOUR Arm Jiggle-the FAST, EASY way!

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Arm Jiggle-Lose It


   Arm Jiggle or Fat Arms are something a lot of people struggle with especially women. I’m talking about the fat on the back of your arms. Which makes wearing sleeveless clothes a headache.


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  We all want to get rid of the dam arm jiggle. But how?? How do we lose the arm jiggle? Well, there is no trick we can do to help us with this, just easy arm exercises that take no more than 10 min a day.

In just weeks you will lose the hated arm jiggle.


 Some people have said putting Sweet Sweat or Albolene on their upper arms prior to working out gives them faster results. This is outlined on the home page of this website see

Crazy Easy Fat Loss. And remember, you only have to move to lose weight just do 30 min of cardio a day 5x a week to lose weight all over.

 See Best Exercise to Lose Weight to help select which is the best fit for you. Even if you work out by jogging in place to your favorite TV. Show just do it. This doesn’t have to be hard. I have heard from people who say they can’t afford arm weights, times are hard, but you are smart.


  Can’t afford $5 arm weights? Use an empty milk jug half filled with water, or put some cans in a pillow case and do the arm exercises you can do this in just a couple of weeks you can lose the arm jiggle. If you can afford arm weights-get them- use them daily. Buy 3lb. arm weights there are many to choose from and you can buy them in any Walmart or Target. Just do the easy arm exercises outlined below to lose the arm jiggle.


  You will be losing fat all over your body, not just your arms.

Try  there is a reason for all the hype-it works. Helping you to lose weight, becoming healthier and more fit you will also be burning fat by strength training with your arm weights this will speed up your metabolism.


 By following the exercise, diet, and fat loss tips outlined on this website soon you will reach your weight loss/ fat loss goal.  

         No more arm fat for you!

 Soon you will have tone, beautiful jiggle free arms. Faster than you ever thought possible. Lucky, for us tone arms are easy to get when you follow the

Best Exercise to Lose Weight, Quick Fat Loss Diets, and use the tips to lose arm jiggle and enjoy fast fat loss.


 To have jiggle free arms quickly do the following arm exercises 5 days a week. Of course,consult your doctor before starting any exercise or weight loss plan.


The fastest way to get jiggle free arms and be able to wear sleeveless tops again is to do 4 easy arm exercises- 5 days a week- but it should only take you 10-15 min. So, do these quick arm exercises to lose arm fat fast.


4 Easy Arm Exercises to lose the Arm Jiggle


1-Backward Lifts


Grab your 3lb weight in you right hand, standing tall with your back straight, stretch your right arm back holding the arm weight. Keep your arm straight and lift your arm back up and away from your body just lift until it is comfortable, don’t strain a muscle. Lower your right arm back to the starting position. Now, switch arms and do the same thing with your left arm. Do ten repetitions of 3 sets.


2-Overhead Lifts


Grab your 3 lb. weight with both hands lift your arms up bending the elbows.

(Don’t use cans for this one)

  Your elbows will be next to your head with your forearms behind your head. In a controlled manner gently lift the arm weight so you extend your arms up, they should be in line with your shoulders. Bring the weight up and back down slowly. Do as many as you can without pain. Aim for 10x do 2 reps. if you can. If you have any pain stop and do not attempt.


3-Push Ups

I know we all hate them, but they work –fast. To help you lose arm jiggle try to do 10 push-ups 2x a day with palms flat on the ground push your body up, some find it easier to stand next to a wall and palms flat push your body away from the wall.


4- Side Lifts

Grab you 3lb weight in your right hand hold you left arm at your side. Lift your right arm straight out your Arm should be even with your shoulder if you can’t lift that high go as high as you can without pain. Hold for 5 seconds then lower arm back down to your side. Repeat using your left arm. Try for 3 sets of 10 reps.


Doing the above arm exercises will help you lose your arm jiggle fast.


Remember to consult your doctor prior to starting any weight loss or exercise program.



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